Supply Management Services University Stores

Services Provided by University Stores

University Stores stocks a warehouse full of critically needed goods and materials so that WSU Research, Maintenance, and Construction projects are provided with the materials needed to get the job done. We provide procurement, warehousing, storage, staging, and delivery services in support of Washington State University. We deliver directly to all buildings and departments on campus. University Stores serves as an important link in the campus supply chain and Supply Management Services through coordination with Central Receiving and Delivery.

Product Selection

University Stores stocks approximately Laboratory, Enzyme, Molecular, Chemical and Gas Cylinder products used for campus research. Orders can be placed in person or by using the online ordering catalog. Orders placed online are delivered the next day. Same day delivery is provided on critically needed items (dry ice, liquid nitrogen, molecular biology products, emergency requests). We also stock a full line of frozen and refrigerated enzyme and molecular products in our warehouse. Products are competitively priced and all prices include applicable tax. University Stores also stocks over 10,000 items used by Facilities Services Maintenance, Construction, Custodial, and Plant Services areas. We strive to provide the right parts to the right place for the right price at the right time.