Washington State University Supply Management Services

Supply Management Services includes Central Receiving & Delivery and University Stores and serves as the primary supply chain for WSU. Central Receiving & Delivery serves as the main receiving location for all incoming small package and motor freight for WSU. Central Receiving & Delivery provides direct logistical support to all business, research, and academic functions for the University by receiving and distributing the supplies needed in support of the overall mission of the University.

University Stores provides supplies for resale to WSU labs, departments, and Facilities Services. Utilizing our multiple warehouses, University Stores is responsible for keeping critical stock on hand and delivering needed product to WSU end users. We also deliver gasses and chemicals direct to labs and departments from our Chemical Stores facility.

Supply Management Services efficiently stores, stages, and delivers supplies to end users; embracing information technology and customer service that will enhance the campus supply chain. We strive to ensure that the supplies and services provided are in line with campus needs as well as to provide the information needed by customers to adequately track and plan for supply delivery schedules. Through coordinated efforts between University Stores and Central Receiving & Delivery, we serve as the WSU supply chain and our primary goal is to get the needed product, to the right place, at the right time, and at the right price.